Any plans for Season Three ranked rewards changing to be the highest obtained rank, at any point in the season, regardless of the player's final rank?

Continuing the discussion from Placement at the end of the season:

What is the reasoning for ranked rewards being rewarded for the final rank, rather then the highest obtained rank during the season?

I assume it’s not high on the list of changes to be made (for good reason ie time required for something that isn’t that big a deal) but is it a technical reason or a choice? Are the devs worried that it would incentive more people getting the rank they want and then deliberately crashing their own rank to play against lower ranked players? Is a kind of smurfing worse then people not playing ranked at all for fear of losing their ranked badge?

As the hype builds for season three even little things like that could help retain even more players, although I do think the game is in a currently healthy state. Is @SavageEmpire566 able to weigh into this?

Looking forward to the new season regardless!


The way I understand it is people don’t play in the last week or two because in the event they fall a rank, they might not have time to play enough games to reach there gain.

I don’t think people stop playing after reaching a rank at middle of the season or in early season.


Oh for sure. It’s always so hard to tell from the outside if this affects numbers at all. Just want to know from the devs if this change is possible and if so, would it help, even in a small way.

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As far as I know, no changes coming soon, but I’m not really in that conversation. That said, your feedback is always wanted, so I’ll make sure the team knows this is still an important point coming from Ranked players.


This is a great idea - and really eliminates the grind or worry of playing through the end of a season.