Any plans to introduce Heros in ranked games?

Is there any possibility that in the future a hero can be created inside the castle?. That his only ability affects units around him in a radius of action?

Another concept or idea would be the introduction of traps within the terrain.

Do you think this is possible, without affecting the dynamics of the ranked games?

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That would change the gameplay significantly, especially if the hero unit has high stats like most heroes in the scenario editor. Either way, it would put a lot of focus on that one unit when regular AoE II gameplay has always been about controlling multiple faceless soldiers instead of named figures; that’s what campaigns are for.

Separate gamemode or community game then yes.

Adding it into ranked gameplay will get problems like someone mentioned above.

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So maybe that the hero has no skills, just a few points of resistance above his unit’s rank, and can only be created 1 or 2 times during the game in the Imperial Age. It would be fun to take care of that unit or just the act of presence would give better significance to civilization. Personally, I have never played campaigns, so not seeing Joan of Arc, Wallace, Moctezuma is a small disappointment for me.

Heroes dont have a place on the current multiplayer games. If their gameplay revolves around buffing allies on the field you can only have them posistioned on the back, that makes them useless as a unit since they would be targeted by ranged units every single time.

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Well i don’t know if we are imagining the same game scenario, but people with good micro and a hero with perfect balanced points of attack and defense in the field could be really fun. Like taking a treb down, or taking a ram down, any of those can be hit by range units to, and that doesn’t makes them useless. Some times one unit makes the difference in the final result of a game.

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Yea, but I don’t think it should be standard of MP now. Interesting concepts, but can really change the way how AOE2 is usually play.

Should work well as seperate mode like regicide or battle royale, with seperate ranking for it.