Any possibility for AoE 3 style handicap?

I often play with weaker players and I think handicap like the one in AoE 3 would be very useful - basically works as increasing gathering/production rate for certain players. Do you know if something like this would happen in II DE?


this should absolutely not be a feature in multiplayer at all.

this should absolutely not be a feature in multiplayer at all.

Why? I often play matches with friends - some don’t have time to play more than 1-2 hours per week, so won’t be able to improve. Myself have little time, and only learn a lot of things recently, but I played a lot in early 2000’s, so still have advantage over them.


I see nothing wrong with this feature. I suppose one could emulate this by playing bad on purpose, deleting all their starting vills or something so that the less skilled players have an advantage but I can get that people don’t find this fun and want the game to do it for them.


I think this could be accomplished by using “Modify Attribute” trigger effects to increase Villager Work Rates for certain players in a custom scenario.

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Will try this, thanks

I tried to multiply work rate by 2 on loom reserching, but no effect. Triggers works - as I added extra effect to test it.
Is there a place I could read about ‘work rate’ parameter? What is default?

It would not necessarily be a terrible thing to have as a lobby setting. No place for it in ranked, obviously.

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You don’t see why a feature like this would be an issue in ranked play?

ranked is what I was reffering too. Even in unranked it should absolutely be a setting everyone should be warned about in advance at minimum

Anyway at no moment I thought this suggestion was for ranked, as the whole point of having a rank is so that you are matched with players as good as you are.


yeah OP never mentioned ranked…

i think the handicap is a good idea. and pretty simple for them to implement for unranked.

its definitely less fun intentionally playing worse as opposed to being handicapped. ive done it in other RTS’s

Oh, for units and technologies there should be a training or research time attribute. The work rate attribute is for Lumberjacks or other Villagers, to control how quickly they collect resources.
I’m not sure exactly what documentation there is, but you could probably find some guides on AoKHeaven.

Oh, I never mentioned ranked. Its for casual playing with friends.

Actually, I found such mode:
Could someone tell me, if there is possibility of modifying source code of mode, or point me to a place where I could learn how to create my own mod?