Any reason, why onagers and rams dont have agressive stand when created, even its set in options ? BUG?

i am wondering why rams, siege rams, onagers, siege onagers, dont have agressive stand even it is set as default stand in game Options ?

all other units come out with agressive stand, only onagers and rams come out with defensive stand.

is it a BUG or is it on intention ?

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for Onagers it’s probably intentional. I wouldn’t want my own onagers to start rampaging through my own army without my say-so because of some random spearman.

For rams I don’t know. Maybe someone thought rams are basically onagers? Have you checked other siege? Rams should ideally be directed at specific enemy buildings, so I doubt it would matter much.

Yeah rams should be aggressive by default. I’ve noticed the pathing bugs out when the enemy castle fires when I order attack move in defensive stance. They’ll also attack siege weapons attacking them/nearby ones (when aggressive)


They’re intentional, not bugs.

Defensive stance changes the behavior of Mangonels so that they don’t hurt friendly units, they’ll only attack if there is a clean shot. On aggressive stance, Mangonels will mow down your own army.

Rams on aggressive mode will chase other siege and towers. Under pathing rules, if a ram can’t path directly to its target (say a castle) it can become insubordinate and attack other nearby things. The ram ends up yolo chasing other siege and you’re left to wonder why the castle is still standing. Defensive keeps them prioritizing the targeted building.

It’s not a bug but yeah there’s no option to change the preset either.


Being able to set default stance separately for different unit types would solve this issue

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