Any way to control 2 players in one game without buying a 2nd copy?

I’m still a bit frustrated by how hard it is to test scenarios in AoE 4 compared to 2 DE. One way to solve the problem for sure is to buy a 2nd copy of the game and run it on 2 PCs, that way I can control both players in a 1v1 game. Does anyone know of any other way to control both players in a 1v1 game?


I can’t think of any way. Though maybe you could create a custom game and ask for assistance from other players?

Not that I’ve found. Would love to also know if it exists. Besides finding another player to test with which would require some social rules/synergy. I’ve found that containing the AI on Easy with Towers allows me to test some stuff that requires some enemy to mess with. Definitely not optimal.

That’s why I proposed to imitate the COH2 battle simulation mod