Any way to see with which civ I've won the least?

Is there a way to see with which civ I’ve won the least number of random 1v1 matches?
I often go random civ, but would like to know if I’m missing any.
I know you can see your best & worst civ from clicking on your name in the main menu, but it shows the worst civ by win% and it doesn’t work for me. Possibly there are still civs I’ve never played in 1v1.

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i honestly don’t know, but i think it would be great to have a tracker that shows wins and losses with each civilization.

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Check you have all the info about your (and everyone’s) profile there


while that’s nice, it should just be built into the game imho.


Afaik even the “best civ” stat is bugged and just shows the last civ you won with. At least thats how it was last time i checked.