Anyone else find competitive play boring?

Anyone else find competitive play boring? Small armies, lack of resources, no 500 plus war elephants. Sounds boring to me.

Yeah, I get it, such raw skill, insane micromanagement, mouse clicking like a machine gun I seen Youtube videos of pros playing like that. It’s even more sad when a pro completely wipes the floor with a bad player. They stood no chance.

I like to see 4 Pros try win a game of infinite resources, POST IMP, 1000 pop game, where they can only pick Huns vs an entire team of Persians (and bad players) on a very closed map and see how they win when facing 4000 war elephants coming at them.

Take note. Closed map. Very hard to rush.

EDIT Or perhaps even Diplo Europe games where rushing is punished since everyone will gang up on you if you are a rusher.

In those settings games would simply not end at all. And most PCs wont be able to handle that. The closest you will get to that is Deathmatch.

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I have played such game modes before. Yeah, they are grindy, but eventually they end.

Like when you think you’ve had enough and resign?

But I get your point, am not a huge fan of insane micro and godlike APM that you find in pro-level AOE2 but it’s sure fun to watch. I’m more of relaxed play with friends guy and also prefer some of the more macro types like RON for competitive action.

Hello, @BomberGriffin!

I know what you mean and I agree on a few thing. The pro games are kind of predictable, but the reason according to me is that they almost always play the same set of maps and most particularly Arabia.
Things are quite different, however if you watch 4v4 on Nomad. That’s a lot of action, just as Empire wars. I think that tournaments should embrace a wider diversity of maps to push the pro players into more unorthodox strategies, that would award a better diversity of unit composition.
This is why T90’s channel is so popular - it promotes diversity and outside-of-the-box game plans.

There are DM tournaments. Maybe you want to watch those?

The problem is, pros still play aggressive because its just better. Even on 4v4 BF, they rush because they can make it work: TheViper is a BlackForest player confirmed in a 4v4 Showmatch 1500$ - YouTube

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Mmmhm… It gets kind of dull after certain amount of games. I feel like the smartest option is to just find your favorite player/team and only watch games those are involved in. Watching all games is just too many, especially since you can play the game instead.

Try watching them without casters if your aim is to improve because the casters tend to simplify things and point camera to meme at something too minor for you to care.

I don’t think larger armies make it any better though. For example Empire wars where they start at Feudal and make armies right off the bat feels actually worse to watch than normal AoE2.