Anyone else get games crashing before they load in and if they load in your units disappear doing anything

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)

Issue: For almost two months straight nothing would load once you tied to load a game. The game will load into the main menu but if I try to play any game whether it’s campaign, single-player, or custom it will stop at the loading screen and close to desktop.

One of the patches made it so that sometimes I got to play but then I order my units to do anything and they fade off the face of the planet. If I tell a villager to get wood he’ll go to the tree, disappear, and the tree will be cut down.

I get nothing out of it and I can no longer control that unit but It will keep cutting down trees and giving the wood to nothing. I have spent two hours on the game itself trying to fix this but nothing I do will fix it.

Reproduction Steps:

I don’t know how this happened. I had over 48 hours of gameplay with zero problems until this started happening. One of the patches did it, I don’t know.


thats mods if you read it moods or something

this start before I found out where the mods were.