Anyone else have an issue with the homecity trees animating in glitchy slow motion?

I just noticed this today, but in all my home cities the trees move in a very jittery and glitchy way. Happens with mods disabled too.


this has been a problem since launched, you can also notice the shadow of clouds also moves in jittery

No I didn’t.
I’m not going to reinstall CE of AoE III, but now I’ve launched 3DE and focusing on the scenery of a few random civs and:

  • in Lakota trees are moving normally. The movement caused by wind is a bit unrealistic and repetitive, but these scenes are made on an engine that was being coded even before AoE II was released
  • Sweden: nothing suspicious about smoke, trees, or sky.
  • France: water, smoke, flags, sky behave normally.
  • Ottomans: the same
  • Germans: the same

Extra effect/animations like fire for Aztecs or Fireworks for Mexico look fine. Considering the tech- I’d say they look great.
If you experience hiccups lower graphical settings/limit framerate/enable vsync.

No offense but that’s not true. They used to move normally with smooth animations.

oh, i checked and find they are fine now for me. it was bugged to me for a long time

So you have the opposite of my problem then. xD

None of that does anything for the trees.