Anyone Else Here Love Non Standard Games?

As in crazy Scenarios/Diplomacy games of Europe or whatever. Huge amounts of resources. Strange triggers, and other crazy stuff. The game is far more than just 1v1 Arabia. There is far… far more to this game than just meta gameplay. Civ balance does not matter in these kinds of games.

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I enjoy that game modes but it becomes into a crazy lagfest sometimes and prefer to avoid that.

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My favourite type of maps are Real World maps followed by Nomad and the occasional Arena game. Sometimes also Regicide Fortress.

None of it in multiplayer though :slight_smile:

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Love the UDP scenarios that were big on gameranger, doesn’t seem very big on DE unfortunately

Real gamers play 1v1 water nomad demos only Kappa

If you like diplo Europe games, I recently joined the age of diplomacy discord. Was suprised how enjoyable it is over there to find a nice game or just chat

Yes absolutely when I’m burnt on matchmaking for the day I adore Diplo maps and custom games and the like.

Sadly I am so sick of the custom games lobby, if I have to see one more 4v4 amazon tunnel I’m gonna gouge my eyes out. Cannibals is also the weakest of the AOE2 hide n seek games I’ve seen and yet it’s the most prevalent. Random civ nomads are about the only staple lobby I have any stomach for at this point. Feels like I’m sitting for literal hours waiting for fun maps to gain traction. Warcraft 3 custom games back in their prime spoiled me hard

FFA Delete Nothing ftw

Try ffa “Almost nothing” koth. Delete nothing is way to tiresom