Anyone else hoping we'll get the Ashanti in the upcoming DLC?

I think they should also rework the revolutions in the upcoming DLC.


I feel like they should, but I also know they won’t, revolutions got reworked when DE first came out and I’m pretty sure the devs don’t want to rework something they reworked a few months ago

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Reworking can mean many things. After one year of new revolutions it is shown that some need other cards or other bonuses to be viable.
I have been testing romania, and they have 5 unique units. -The Wallachian Archer, the Roshior goon, the Hadjuk, the dorobant and the pandur.

Why would anyone create hadjuks? Pandurs cost double and are twice as better, hence, just make pandurs-
What is the point of the goon if yo cannot make a lot of them, and their spawining is strange (they are not even OP)

What is the point of a Dorobant when both guard muskets and Jans are way more cost effective

Dorobant is usefull for construction work (if u play russian romania). If i remember correctly, they have a bit more hp than russkets, so u can tank a bit more with them.

i really like to produce them during the time i rebuild my villager count, since the villagers cost so much coin. But on the long run i agree with u… espescially since they only have 10 range.

Yeah but 100 food = 1 dorobant
281f + 95 coin = 5 Muskets (which are overall better in a "guard musketeer scenario) which train faster too

If Omani and Moroccans get added and a Middle Eastern building is created, then I do expect that it’d not only be given to those two civs but also to the Ottomans as well.

I would also like to see the Italians be added and perhaps the Italians can have the Li’l Bombard as their unique unit from the Factory just like what happens to be the case with the British and Ottomans. When the Li’l Bombard has became one of the unique units for the Italians, then a new cannon that would replace the Li’l Bombard for the Mercenary class would be introduced, similarly to what happened to the Saloon when the United States/Americans were added in which the Saloon became unique to that civ and a new building to replace the Saloon for the Mercenary building for European civs called the Tavern was introduced.

Yes! This would be so good!

The African DLC has been removed from steam db.

I checked it. That’s true.
However the one for AOE 2 (“Prague”) is still there, and the original unnamed DLC slot for AOE3 did not have a code at all. There was an earlier unnamed slot and has also been removed. Is it that they are going to create a new entry for it?

That’s possible, I guess about removed unkown dlc was tested and they will re-add it later for actually full release.

According to several people on the forums that was just the beta access from before the release of DE. Not an actual DLC.

presumably we either get 2 civs so we already know which those are, or we get 3 like the other dlc style.

When we are limited with those numbers I rather have them pick civs from all around Africa. In other words North, Middle and South. Then just middle. I am pretty sure its Hausa and Ethiopia that were comfirmed so thats 2 in the middle already and Ashanti would first be really close to Hausa and second be again middle African civ.

Rather have Morocco, Zulu or Kongo (which is kinda middle but atleast not almost bordering the others.)


also happend with age of empires 4. But it will be back soon

TIL. Probably won’t be a civilisation but at best a native settlement? Unit(s) could be some kind of gunpower-based infantry unit capable of healing friendly units? One upgrade allowing friendly units to auto-regen over time? Just throwing ideas out.

On that note, I am interested in what minor civs the devs will pick for native settlements.

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Indeed. For some reason I constantly forget that an African expansion will logically come with a new selection of African-based maps which would require new minor civs.

Ashanti and Zulu added as minor civs would be a great idea.


I hope 3 new civs, all african ones. Also I would expect other DLC (depending how the succes of this one is) with some Euro civ like Italians. Maybe like the USA content, only a civ.