Anyone else starting to play other games due to lack of new content?

im now level 265 and ive got around 1000 games played and im starting to get bored of lack of new map and content ive started playing the new halo its not bad any one no if any new maps or civs out soon getting bored now need something new ???


They’re still focused on fixing the game tbh

I wouldn’t expect a new map/civ until 6 months minimum

Idk the status of the map editor but that’d really help


11, almost all aoe2 maps were done by players… oh wait. aoe4 is not aoe2x2, so no RMS generator.

AOE4 is an RTS game that’s basically a newborn. At the same time, I honestly think that the meta is not colorful enough with busted water maps and siegefest going on to really capture people’s attention. I’m not quite at the point of being bored, but I think I’m getting there.

I could play SC2 1v1 every day during any given season without getting bored until new maps come around in the season after for literal years. Never added a new race. It’s due to the sheer depth of the game and the flexibility of the meta. AOE4 does not have that… yet.

Hopefully things can be helped with creation tools coming soon (hopefully…)


I got Ubisoft+ to play Anno 1800 with all the DLC 2 weeks ago. It’s an absolute masterpiece and I’m so incredibly sad that AoE4 couldn’t pull off something as beautiful, detailed, and deep. It’s crazy how alive the world feels at all times and there isn’t some tired constant cycle of screaming into the void for even the most basic features. Gameplay is stunning, you can zoom in and out all day long, bugs are minimal, replayability is endless, and the graphics – my god!

For those of you who haven’t checked it out, sample video here

At this point, I think it would take a lot for me to come back to AoE4. I don’t really ever even feel desire to launch it anymore on Steam.


Dont care too much about new content but the meta is pretty stale and one dimensional at the current state, most of the civs have one or two patterns to go by and lots of the landmarks/unique upgrades Are underwhelming.

Im waiting for balance changed that will rework useless stuff and buff the weaker spots of all civs, its much more important for me to have a diverse game with multiple viable strategies for current civs instead of getting new content.

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I have been waiting patiently to install the game once it is ready.

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I started playing Halo again, about 3 weeks ago. Haven’t opened up AoE4 since. Waiting on rank and Abbasid buffs. I still think AoE4 is a ton of fun, just burnt myself out from playing too much. I might get back to it after the next patch or maybe the one after that though.

When wonders are nerfed it will improve and diversify team games massively.

I only wish Anno had better military play, it’d easily become a huge competitor for aoe


I can see why that’s the case with some people, but to me… I feel like I have so much to learn still, that the whole process of evolving on the ladder is still a lot of fun!

Hopefully they’ll keep things interesting to everyone this year.




The only strat.

I was expecting so much more by now. It’s so incomplete.

AAAAAAnyway, until I can zoom out and enjoy playing the game, cya.


That’s this Spring at the earliest. This game is so utterly disappointing in the current state. Even the original Age of Empires has a leg up on Age of Empires IV in terms of gameplay. It’s sad.

Guess I’ll just sit on the sidelines and wait. Currently playing other games which bring me more joy and looking forward to a few others this Spring.


This is about where my head is, too. Playing the game was making me upset, which is not an emotion I really have ever felt before in my life with a video game. And after several years of vocally resisting the direction of the game it was impossible for me to truthfully expect anything major to change. Meanwhile, having met and having sincerely enjoyed the people who are behind the game really did a number on me. They are deeply good and wonderful people. It’s irreconcilable that they would ever be the same people who are making this game that drives me insane.

This entire thing is just a cocktail of emotions, and the healthiest choice I have ever made was to let go. The Devs say they will keep working on the game until it is perfect, and by letting go and not installing it, I realized that doing so was the best way for me to trust them. My other choice – install and play a game that truly discourages me – is effectively the same as me saying that I do not believe the Devs when they promise that they will improve the game and thus resigning myself to accepting an unacceptable game.

Patiently waiting on the sidelines lets me take them at their word and will give the finished game the best first impression I could give it at this point. And, in the unlikely chance that they never do finish the game and get it into acceptable shape, I will have saved myself years of frustration.

No matter what, I love Age of Empires and am not going anywhere.


Wow, you spoke my mind.

I’ve played this game for a while and I realized a little while ago that was stopping me from enjoying the game were my own expectations of what Age of Empires is supposed to be.

Many people have found much to enjoy in the competitive aspect of the game. And from a competitive perspective, it seems that there are plenty of layers here - but, behind the scenes, the game keeps imposing its rules on you. I don’t think I’m expressing myself properly, but what I’m trying to say is: Only very few ways to play the game will give you positive feedback. There are only a few ways to correctly respond to what the enemy is doing, it’s almost like a math problem from time to time.

I personally think that this is the real reason the civ design is so one dimensional. It was intentional simplification so that the moment you see enemy heavy cavalry, you must quickly train spears or crossbow or you lose. There are no other options, and that is why all civs must get the same units, or else you won’t be able to solve the “problem”.

One thing that I love about previous Age games is that a lot of “wrong” choices still work out. Like sometimes you can train a lot of archers against heavy cavalry and with some skill, make it work. You’re not boxed into a certain way to play.

I’m not a good player so of course please feel free to not agree with this.

But everytime I’ve played AoE4, I’ve felt like I “have” to play a certain way or else I’ll be punished, and that’s why I’ve stopped playing for now.

I love Age of Empires and I’ll be back to AoE4 from time to time, to see if the situation is ever better for me.


i played less than 200 games and i’m already bored by the big lie they made to the community

  • garbage siege meta
  • one or two overpowered civ
  • lack of reactivity and fixing for a huge production like AOE (game seems in beta)
  • thousands bugs
  • team play about wonder
  • water ?
  • rush mechanics
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I’m mostly speculating here as I don’t know anything about the corporate structure at Relic Games or the number of staff they supply to the Age of Empires 4 department, but what I do know is that most bigger companies have several departments with employees assigned to different tasks and projects.

I’d think that the teams working on designing new civilisations and maps are not responsible for bug fixing, balance, general smaller features etc. The game studio probably work on fixes / polishing and new content simultaneously, more or less.

In short, I do not think we need to worry that, for example, new civilisations will be delayed because other tasks also needs to be done.

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That’s a good observation, hopefully you’re correct, I was just assuming most of relics development focus would be on the new CoH they’re working on now

Hopefully there is a dedicated team for new content that’d be nice

I am at least sure that the concept artists, voice actors, 3D modellers, 2D artists, animators etc. that may be working on new civilizations are not responsible for fixing bugs and balance tweaking, it’s not within thier area of ​​competence.

I might however imagine that some programmers could jump between the departments to help with technical issues (such as bugs).


Yeah, their focus definitely isn’t combat, it’s a different type of RTS. With that said, it’s a game that is 2 years older and smokes AoE4 in every single meaningful measure.