Anyone experiencing performance drop after 40220 patch?

The game was smooth for me before the patch (both SP and MP). After the patch even SP becomes laggy 5 seconds into the game.

I play on Parallels Desktop 16 on a Macbook Pro 15 (2018, i9). Curious if Windows machines are working fine.

Game runs perfectly fine on my Windows 10 PC @1440p.

Core i7-6700K
GTX 1070

However my graphics card was louder than I remembered. I will check this later.

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Actually I now do get the 60FPS without V-Sync almost always
But then again, December update gave me 140

That’s because they capped the FPS to 60 in one of the monthly updates.

But like, why?
140FPS was sooo smooth

I guess because they don’t want some machines to get overheated.

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Honestly, that’s why V-Sync is there.
But we can’t really say why they did it

Yep, the game is more demanding on cpu and gpu. Most likely due to the recconect feature that was implemented last patch but upgraded this one and it is actually very good.

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Yeah, but 140 is way better

It isn’t capped to 60, it’s capped to your monitor refresh rate. I can still run at higher than 60 with a monitor set to a higher refresh rate.

How do I set a higher refresh rate for a 1080p monitor?

If your monitor supports a higher refresh rate:
right click on desktop, display settings
scroll down, advanced display settings
display adapter properties
monitor tab

What reconnect feature are you talking about? :frowning:

Aoe2 has now a reconnect feature where if you drop connection to a server, it reconnects or tries to ( implemented last patch but rarely succeed but now it reconnects you 90% of the time). Your actions are registered to the server in the mean time but won’t be acted until you regather the connection and when you regain connection, you will be speed up to reach where every one is. In the chat, you will be notified of this.

It is not 100% functional and thus it isn’t present in the patch notes, probably

it does not reconnect you 90% of the time! disconnects are still extremely frequent. The feature does not work as intended…

I’ve also had the performance issues in MP lately. No Yellow clock (which usually accompanies opponents having issues. Yet the whole game slowed down like we were playing on normal speed. Happened in 2 seperate MP matches.

Yet other games were fine