Anyone have any idea what's in the pipeline now?

No PUP recently, anyone know what’s going on?

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Chill Bro, the devs deserves vacations and celebrates new year.


In the middle or end of January we could have some report or news. (It’s just speculation)

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i would expect them to be back to work after their holidays probably tomorrow or Tuesday. i imagine everyone involved has lots to share with us after the time off :slight_smile:


I think we will get something between 11 and 13 of january, nothing big for changes but maybe some more info about the future…

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Usually a PUP goes out a month before, I’m totally chill don’t worry - didn’t say they should rush any changes. Let them celebrate to their heart’s content.

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im expecting more balance patches to mexico, some performance fixes and the we likely will hear about future content.

Usually 2 weeks prior, not a month. We still have co op historical battles and a new game mode comming.