Anyone interested in learning how to mod or make maps/scenarios

Hi, I’m just putting this out there that if anyone, I mean ANYONE is interested in learning how to make thier own content, mod the game files, use the scenario editor, or wants to learn about game development in general I’m offering any help I can give to give someone advice, maybe a little support, or even start from ground zero. I loved this game when I was younger and with all the updates and work done recently it has inspired me to try and bring some of the ideas I had years ago to life and also try to learn some things myself along the way.

This part of the forum is sadly kind of dead for the most part(most people seem to want to argue over little things like balance changes lol) so if anyone wants to show how little those balance changes really are(+1,-1… lol i wanna /0) or just wants to casually learn more about the scenario editor Im willing to help out in whatever way I can. I’ve been told many times that I can explain anything to anyone. My lifelong dream is to both teach game design and development and also bring a few of my own ideas to life.

If you’re looking for credentials or something I don’t really have any, because I am a student myself. No matter how much I feel like I’ve learned over the years, there’s always something I find that makes me realize that I don’t know anything and that’s what I love about this unique medium that I’ll never give up on. This part of the forum is really neglected sometimes but there’s a lot of resources out there and I could help point you in the right direction to people who know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than I do.

I just know what it’s like starting from nothing and anything I can do to help encourage or help others see thier vision become reality makes me feel better after all those others helped me along the way.

ANYWAY enough talk. I know it’s been done before but it’s new to me, finally day and night cycle is possible and easily done thanks to the hard work the devs have been putting into a project that they refused to give up on. Thanks to you guys!