Anyone know which file/line to edit for scroll speed?

DE caps scroll speed to only half of voobly/HD so I’m trying to make a mod to double scroll speed.

Looking through all of the files I think it might be in _common\wpfg\SystemResourcesScroll.xaml
but I can’t work out what’s ScrollViewer, ScrollBar etc and if changing these values will even help.

I found in strings scroll speed = 8830 but can’t find any corresponding 8830 in any other file I’ve looked at so I’m not too sure if that’s any help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is the longest break I’ve taken from aoe in over a year thanks to this problem.

7 days no answer huh, have you tried changing any of these yet to see what changes? I’m about to just out of curiosity and the urge to solve things.

Well, SystemResourcesScroll.xaml seems to be for scrollbars for chat and settings.
I’m assuming you instead want to change scroll speed for in game, like moving the view camera up, down, left, and right when you press the arrow keys or move your mouse to the edge of the screen.
I’m also assuming you’ve turned up the scroll speed setting in game all the way. It’s in options under the “Game” tab. I’ve had mine at 50% by default, which, I can’t imaging doubling that speed, I would think it’d be too fast. Perhaps you do mean the scroll speed of chat boxes and settings. Please clarify.

I tried changing all of them but not individually, so I assumed I’m looking in the wrong place or one change countereffected another. I’m referring to scroll speed on the game, when you put the cursor to the edge of the screen. So it sounds like I need to look through another file? I’ve looked in every file but must have missed it.

On 100% it is half of voobly and it slows down my play speed significantly. The reason is that when you scroll around, you hold the cursor on the edge for x amount of time. If you double it, you only need to tap the edge for x/2 time, to get back to microing faster. Having gotten used to voobly 100% speed I’ve formed habits which rely on it.