Anyone wanna play with the new pup

I wanna try the new update to get a feel for it. Generally when i hop on there is no one to play with. Im not super good but i qlso dont care just like to play. If your interested ill be on around 2100 est. Hit me up for my steam name and we can play. I wont be grumpy no matter how bad you beat me or lose which ever happens.

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That’s… odd. Especially given the very common time you play at. Are you playing ranked, quick play or lobby? And what exactly do you see that makes you say nobody is there? Are you in the beta branch?

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Yes he said he wants to try the preview update. I noticed that there a re a bit more people on it than usual because of the co-op scenario, making a co-op lobby and leaving it open might just work.

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Yes the beta patch. When i hop on 15+ wait times before i get bored and hop back to regular game last patch i was stuck playing AI to try out Burgundians so i was just wanting to set something up.

Does PUP also include EW ladder?

Yes, it has been around for a while. No idea if the EW elo would carry over once it’s added in the main game tho.