Anyone want to fix this game or we better off playing a diff game?

Have you been around for longer? This is not the worst way the broke this game so far in only one year. Almost every patch introduces new gamebreaking bugs which could be found by playing literally a single game before releasing the patch. But thats not what FE does (you can also look at AOE3:DE, Youtubers going back to olld versions/just quitting completely). A lot of this is caused only by FE, I really hope they will, as soon as this gets somewhat stable move on and no longer terrorize this community. And then after some time we migth have a new userpatch fixing this xD But I would not set any money on FE to fix this game

what is FE? x2- char

FE=Forgotten empires team, the devs in charge of the DE and previous expansions.

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issue I see here is FE design the expansion but using existing engine, meaning they didn’t create the engine thus fixing lag/crashes would not be their expertise. this would be more so on microsoft.

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The point now is: The devs are also overwhelmed with AoE 3 DE that is full of bugs aswell, just check their forum.

So, more or less they have to handle 2 games with overloaded bugs which is the reason why AoE 2 DE isnt fixed yet.

I doubt we get a hotfix before Christmas which is more or less the prime time every year, I m so disappointed.


What are you on about it was playable before the anniversary update so your theory is null and void

Isit me but shouldn’t they test out this crap before releasing it common sense would be nice


The simple response from devs would be:

  • “Ok fam, we tried to make it better but turns out there was a GREMLIN in the system that we didn’t anticipate. To tide us over the holiday season, we will REVERT back to a non game breaking prior patch, and that will allow us to TEST / QUALITY CONTROL the next patch”
  • swallow your pride and do the right thing
    I literally have refused to play purely because of how broken this game is… This game will not last the years if the management will be like this.

what are you on about it is more playable for me and my friends after the anniversary hotfix, your opinion is null and void.

@LinieSpreu12610 thats assuming FE devs are the ones who also added extra for AOE3DE. I haven’t heard about that.

Check around mate it’s affected more people then it hasn’t it’s not all about you im glad it hasn’t affected you and your one friend.

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check yourself mate, not everyone is like you having problems, maybe its you.

It’s actually not me actually a very good mate maybe check your self maybe stick to fourms that affect you if you are just going to be a pain and not help

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maybe you think your case applies to everyone, oh mr. center of the world! you have issue, go create a proper bug report like everybody else. no issue here, no lag, only seldomly close to desktop. feelsgud man

you are a pleb all u have to do is use your eyes must be a dev only see the good move along.


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@PrefectGannicus Please keep bug report topics limited to single issues and only create a topic if the issue is not already being discussed. More info on that can be found here. Closing this topic because is it not productive in any way.