AOE 1 Centurion vs AOE 2 Units?

I think these units would be monsters to some degree. 160 hit points, 30 melee damage… 14 melee armor. The Macedonians have +2 pierce armor, get the final upgrade… and they have 7 pierce armor.

In certain situations Knight (have bonus vs cavalry) units would be virtually unusable. They also very tanky… and do insane damage. What AOE 2 unit would counter them?

Mostly range units with micro and onagers and of course monks. But I am pretty sure that Aoe1 will be different game mode so aoe1 vs aoe2 won’t happen.

But macedonian units would also have 4x conversion resistant so monks wouldn’t work well, but currently Macedonia also don’t get priests.


I think your beloved Elephants could give them a decent fight

Eh, I think elephants would die really badly vs them. They are like tanky halbs.

But they have bonus vs cavalry, not to War elephants… and persian one have 620 HP

Mangudai, or other CA unit

Hoplite line does not have bonus vs cav in AoE1, they have good armor and high attack and since they are tagged as elite infantry or elite heavy infantry and not just infantry they don’t take any bonus damage from cavalry line which was 5/6/7.


My bad, I trusted what Bombergriffin said

I assumed they had bonus damage since they have spears.

That won’t happen. Different Datasets.

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Only 5 pierce armour in total, which is less than a fully upgraded Teutonic Knight has. Meanwhile, AoE2 archers have higher damage than AoE1 archers. So I don’t think countering them with archers would be a problem.

Handcannons would probably counter them quite well.

Walls with Scorpions behind, while Hussars raid their base?

when leitis have no chance vs a high melee armor unit…

I think most dreaded unit from AoE1 in AoE2 would be heavy catapult. In AoE2 terms its trebuchet and siege onager combined into one unit which can be affected by ballistics.

Legions are a lot more scary.
They can nearly rival Paladins in strength but are even cheaper Champions while costing half population.

But we are talking about two different games.

If we compare AoM units with AoE3 ones (they also use the same engine) we get crazy things like most AoM units being nearly immune to cannon fire.