AOE 1 (not definitive edition) download?

I would like to play AOE1 on my surface pro. System requirement should be fine. But I don’t have a dvd drive. (I own the collectors edition)
Is there an easy way to get the game on my surface run? If I have to purchase the game again for 5$ it should be also fine.
I don’t want to wait for release of Definitve Edition.

There is no legal way that I know of.

  • Extern DVD-drive
  • Copy the setup files via another pc

That are the only things I can think of right now.

@“Andy P” said:
There is no legal way that I know of.

I think there is:

I haven’t bought anything from eBay but it seems legal to me. :slight_smile:

If you own the disks use something like Daemon tools then move files to Surface. Install Daemon tools on the Surface then mount the disk. That is how I play games on my Surface.