AoE 2 DE 1440p?

I just installed AoE 2 DE and the texture package, but noticed that I don’t have 1440p as an option. Just 1080p. How can I enable 1440p (the resolution of my monitor)? Thanks!

Hmm… the “Resolution” dropdown in the options menu should display 4 options: your desktop resolution and then 3 lower resolutions (unfortunately it doesn’t detect the available resolutions for your system, just displays options based on your current resolution).
I would double check that your resolution is indeed set to 1440p, and if it is, check around for “scaling” settings. There might be something that changes the scaling of DE so it is using 1080p.


Many thanks for your feedback. My system is set to 1440p, and I did play other games on 1440p today, like the Sims 4. No luck for AoE however.

Hey @RvE88. Did you ever get AOE2DE to work at 2560x1440? I’m considering buying a new monitor soon and it would be nice to know if it will work. And I’d love to see a screenshot of how it looks at that resolution. I’m curious if there’s more detail in the minimap and if things are easier to see.

I’m not RvE88 but can say that 2560x1440 runs fine for me. I cannot include a proper screenshot because these forums scale the resolution down to the point where it doesn’t show the 1440p fidelity.

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The game also works fine for me at 1440p with no special action required. I haven’t heard of anyone else struggling to get it to work at 1440p when their PC is running at 1440p, so I think there must be something a bit odd somewhere in the OP’s setup. One thing I did find early on when using an AMD graphics card was that the AMD virtual resolution didn’t work properly with the game, so if I had that at 1440p on a 1080p monitor, AoE II DE didn’t offer 1440p, whereas other games did. But I know AoE II DE correctly handles that with Nvidia cards now. I no longer have an AMD card to know if it works correctly with AMD’s virtual resolution now. But with native 1440p, I’ve never had any problems with the game not picking that up.

are you using NVIDIA GeForce Experience?