AoE 2 DE - API?

Full link:

Not sure about data. Might want to check leaderboard statistics. There might not be anything that tracks whether individual matches are won. That might be on AoE’s side, I have no idea.

-Edited to fix API location

Still getting “Sorry, But that page doesn’t Exist!” message…

@AgeInsiders: could you provide a link to some documentation of said API or a full example request? Is any additional authentication data in the header required?

As WoodsierCorn696 mentioned, the /GET leads to “Sorry, but that page doesn’t exist”!
Nor the other one works: /GET

My error - use:

I’m not aware of any documentation for the API. These are the only API locations I know:


For the ranked leaderboards, query parameters are available to specify the match type, and page number. Example:


Board=1 - 1v1 Deathmatch
Board=2 - Team Deathmatch
Board=3 - 1v1 RandomMap
Board=4 - Team RandomMap

I’ve been using no Auth headers and so far have been successful.

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So i have been doing some research on this. must be using the steampowered apis.
Not sure if they are a publisher partner. Some apis dont seem to work here.

also apis dont seem to support cors, unable to develop apps on top of that data.

I assume that GetGameServerPlayerStatsForGame might be the one being used, but unfortunately I could not confirm it yet since I currently don’t have a publisher api key. Anybody has insight into this?
Also I could not find any example response and there is not enough documentation to find out what the API actually does.

I would really appriciate if the devs gives us some more easily accessable data to use.

Hey guys I found a few more endpoints:

I’m trying to build something here with this:
If you put your profile ID in that page you will get some stats (your profile ID can be obtained from aoe2 .net, I’m still trying to get some sort of search functionality).
Any more info on more endpoints or where does aoe2 .net get’s it’s data would be awesome, thanks!

These 3 endpoints do not work anymore.

Hey! Is there currently a way to fetch the information provides, from the same source uses?

And another question: Does anybody now, how to interface with the game in order to join a lobby?
On you have the join match button, so it is possible somehow…

The Endpoints listed above still work; also to join the lobby you can just use the “copy ID” button in a lobby to get the link you can paste into a browser.

They are working, just change “stats” for “api”. For example:

Sorry but can you elaborate a bit? I try to postman it but don’t know what paramter can I input there

Do I need a sort of auth to get access to the api? It seems to work for some and for some not. Would be nice to have access to it so people can build more tools, since is already down for several days.

is also working but the match history it got is up to 18/9/2022