AOE 2 DE crashing randmly

Game Version:

  • Build: What is this? I have the version I downloaded from steam. So default build?

  • Platform: Steam

  • Operating System: Windows 10
    Gtx 960 4gb, i7 930 @ 2.80Ghz (8GPUs). 24gb ram. Internet connection 100/10mbs

  • Gamertag: What is gamertag?


The game is crashing randomly without any reason or in game error message. It stops responding and you will get Windows error message that is saying that the game stopped responding and if I wanna wait it or stop it. Waiting doesn’t help. The music is still playing when that happens but the other game sounds don’t anymore come.
Most often it happens in lobby when you’re doing anything, but now it crashed also in the middle of multiplayer game. It doesn’t always happen, but so often that it’s irritating. Sometimes you can go without crashing the whole session and sometimes it just crashes right at start.

Reproduction Steps:

Most often it has happened for me in lobby where I’ve been just searching games or trying to join games. It also can happen in game also, but today is the first time for me it happened in game. Mostly it’s in lobby related issue and I didn’t bother to report it, cuz I can restart the game. However now it destroyed my game.

So far I’ve never seen it happen in single player, so my guess is that it might somehow be related to how the game manages internet connections. Not sure tho.

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