AOE 2 DE Discord '[Heals]' clan event announcement/discussion thread - come forth and join us~

You’re welcome to join in - We’re a growing community

Upon joining please state whether you’d like to be an in-game clan member or a Freelancer

We’re updating the discord as we go along and grow in size,
so feel free to make suggestions

We focus on Defensive eco - Healing Fortresses and other fun strategies

Sunday night/monday bump 06/20/21

bumping threads is frowned upon.

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So this terrible strategy will now gets its own clan fan base?! :joy:


duplicates are worse - this also isn’t a thread that’ll be replied to often if at all, so bumping for a week should be okay before I let it go poof

Just because you think bumping a thread is okay doesn’t make it okay. Either it gets support or it doesn’t.

the maximum times a person can reply on their own is 3 - now there is a way to get around that by simply editing the last post in a thread which bumps it automatically (probs should be fixed) but it should be alright with the maximum of 3 bumps as individual comments.

that being said - I intend to limit myself to 3 total bumps and no further

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The rules are clear:

Post content that could be considered bumping, advertising, spam, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.

But it isnt up to us to say someone is bumping threads. If you think someone is bumping, you can flag that post, so the mods can have a look at your report. If the devs agree, then they will take care about the issue.

For us now: Just ignore this thread, so it wont get to many attention (since i think the strategy is terrible and dont need to many attention).

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Noted for the future - update/ added strategies and tips section