AoE 2 DE ping increases after about 5 mins of the game

We play AoE2 DE multiplayer with my friend, but it happens to us that when we start the game ourselves (there are only two of us and bots) after about 5 minutes the response is awful and it is unplayable. But when we join a game created by someone else, it works great. I hope someone knows what is causing it, because it makes no sense at all.
p.s. we always create the game on the server with the lowest ping and i´m sorry for my english.
thank you

Is one of you the host all the time or you alternate and have the same issue regardless of which one of you hosts?

We haven’t tried it, I’ve always been a host. But my friend has high ping first, after a while the same happens to me.

I am not sure how related my issue is with yours but depending on the specifications of the host’s computer, the game might get laggy as information pile up. When me and my wife play and we host, we never have any issues because we have good computers. When we play other people’s games, every now and then, we get huge lag as well. Sometimes, even unplayable. And it’s not the ping, as the network connection is strong, steady and the pink is low.

My assumption is that the host’s computer has troubles processing after a certain world population has been reached.

i have: 16GB ram, i7 3770, gtx 1050ti, SSD and latest windows 10 pro. We played AOE 2 DE about 2 month ago and in that time it ran very good (8 teams, 500 pop).

Ah, I see. No, it’s not the specs.

Here and on Reddit more players have reported high spikes in lag since the last update (myself included) so I assume the most sensible thing you can do is wait for the next update and hope the issue will be fixed. Sorry bud.