Hey Team, Id just like to petition for a pre-download on steam for us Over-night-downloaders. Pretty please with a cherry on top :]

yeah it’s total bullshit that this game do not have pre-load

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I wish we could preload. Its going to take my internet all day to do it

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Thats my problem too, Im going to miss launch day completely

Same here, I have to wait another day to leave it download overnight

its not favorable that they are not giving us preload on steam. main game and dlc is like 30 gigs

I really wish we could preload. Takes forever to download it and I could leave my PC downloading it as I was working and be ready to play it by night… oh well

its available for preload now

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Preload has been added!

Blessed content :pray:

i clicked on update but it only downloaded about 250MB, anyone else? was it just a 250MB download for those who already had it from the beta?
thank you!
and i just noticed i didn’t get the beta forum icon D:

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This will sound stupid but I hardly ever use steam so… how do I preload the game? :’) I opened steam but I don’t see anything queued up in my downloads page.

EDIT: Nevermind, I had to opt out of beta and now it’s updating and downloading stuff.

Up top you want to go library, then find the game title and click it. You’ll see the big preload button, cant miss it :]

I missed it because I was still in the beta according to Steam :joy: and due to it it doesn’t show that particular button. But I opted out and now it’s working fine! Thanks

awsome, hey if you figure out how to preload the texture pack too lemme know!

Fantastic news!!! I started it immediately

I have not found any pre-load button. Though It just downloaded 250 mb file. Should I uninstall and install it again?
I also have Xbox gamepass, So, I have access to this game on Microsoft Store. I’m installing the game from there in hope If I can run it :slight_smile:

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