AOE 2 DE Sugestion

Hello fellow insiders and AOE team,

After today showmatches i really felt that the white old ground borders on units and buildings selected looks out of place on the definitive edition and its something that can be easily addressed. I think it could be changed to the AOE 3 style which is way better imo. Other thing i noticed was that units behind objects only have their borders with colors, which i think it could be changed to the whole body so they can be easily seen.
What u think? Images bellow!


I noticed that too, borders of buildings overlapping other buildings when selected. I dont think we had this issue in old AoE2, or did we?

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I agree with you.

Another thing bothering me watching the showmatch, dead bodies just sinking into the ground instead of rotting in several stages, is there any info if they will implement it like in the old days?


w8ing for my beta key, already prepurchased DE… :wink:


did u get in @jk2305 ? a new beta wave was released

I like this suggestion. If problem then make it like filled or outline only as option.

nope, still hoping to get in soon…

I personally think that’s a really good idea. :smile: