Aoe 2 DE suggestion

  1. There are 4 resources but in late game only 2 resources matter in 1v1, food and wood. is that what was intented? Late game is dominated by trash units not costing gold especially in 1v1. Better ur trash, more chances for u to win. This is very bad for balance.
    My suggestion- U can trade between ur markets but 50% penalty so that u can still make some gold units especially with civ which require gold to end games like turks. Otherwise u can spam ur trash units and game go on so much longer than it needs to.
  2. Stone trade carts which is 25% of gold trade carts. Like I said before game has to have 4 resources not 2.
  3. Currently units attack anyone who is nearest to them instead of their counters.
    My suggestion- Smarter unit selection while fighting, hitting counters within their (range +2). Eg. Skir aim archers instead of hitting incoming paladin.

These changes are not very hard to implement and it will improve quality of games and rise of different civs in 1v1.

It is true! It is not possible that in the end you only win with trash units. They could also improve the market bonus of the Saracens.

they should just make a function for that building, but looks like they are unable to do so, or they just refuse it:

Market bonus is only used for emergency resource gain not bulk gain thats why buying/selling is costly. Not all civ have guilds or sara bonus. And it doesn’t make sense why 2 resources (gold and stone) are so neglected in 1v1 which are main resources to win games. U can’t seige with hussar and skirmishers alone.

If these were implemented , it would start to no longer be age of empires 2.

I agree. Especially the late-game “trash” units. That has been a thing I, at least, have taken into account ever since I started playing this game more seriously. Its part of the game, and I see no reason to change the fact that we have to increasingly rely on such units.

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Agreed. Being clever with your gold early on is part of the game

That just means u r playing to survive, not playing to win. Game just goes on for longer, until someone trash units dominate. I don’t see the point playing at that point. There should be ways to generate gold in late game apart from relics which does so little.

I like this idea. Trading with your own market or dock would be an excellent late game tactic. I don’t see the games lasting any longer… raids and base protection help us win when the game drags out. I would only use this every 20 games or so… most game don’t last this long