Aoe 2 definitive won't run on my sons computer

The game has a box that says failed GPU start up.
Intel ® HD graphics GPU with vendor id 32902 and device ID 258 is not direct x 11 compliant? Please help so i can fix it.
My system requirements look like it should run it i have 4 gb ram.
Intel core i3 2120 Cpu @ 3.30 ghz, 3300mhz, 2 cores
64 bit operating system.
I think it’s something about graphics card but am not very good with computers to know if there’s a work around? Thank you for your help and insight.

Yeah it needs to be direct x11 compatible

i3 2120… that’s an HD graphics 2000 right there. With a quick google research, looks like your GPU only supports directx up to 10.1.
Your best workaround is to get a new computer. Your i3 was discontinued, and the amount of ram would struggle, even if you had good other specs.

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I got the same problem and cant solve this.
i have a Amd Phenom tm ii x2 560 processor 3.30 ghz and 6GB of ram.

What i can do?