Aoe 2 player needs advice & info

Ok guys posting again, i came over from aoe2 where i was a 1400-1500 1v1 player.

Game is fun but a little intimidating with all these special civs.

Are there any short civ guides out there?

I am fluctuating around 1050 ELO and it says i am ranked 2315 is this right? Are there any detailed stats about elo distribution civ wins etc?


Funny enough I never played played aoe2, despite being the most popular game of the series. I don’t know exactly what would the difficulties from a transitioning player.

On guides, I generally get my instructions from the ESOC strategy wall: ESOCommunity - Strategy Wall

On the ESOC site there are also the Recorded games section, where games of high level players are posted: ESOCommunity - Recorded Game Search

I generally use this later one to see how is the latest strategies that the professional players are implementing later. Also on this site, you will see some big age of empires 3 streamers on the left side of the panel. They are good references.

Also, I guess Youtube is a good font. There are some great player that have youtube channels, some of then including:

Aussie Drongo was a professional player around 2008, and came back to the game recently. He is a high level Age of Empires 3 player that is probably and have the biggest youtube channel with content related to Age of Empires 3. He also do streams on Twitch (And is live right now).

SamuraiRevolution was the biggest AoE3 youtuber until some years ago. He stopped producing AoE3 related content for a while when the DE came out, but he is back at AoE3 again. His videos are a little bit old, and the majority is towards the Asian Dynasties version of the game, but are still worthy to check out.

Haitch is a professional AoE3 player, and have been between the 10 top players in the world from a long time now. He recently opened a new Youtube channel, and is doing videos contantly recently.

I guess those are the bigger and most important fonts out there for now. There are more places, but I don’t want to seen to much overwhelming.

And there is no up-to-date sites that gives stats from civilizations that I know about it, unfortunately.

I hope that this helped. Let me know if you need some more referencing.


I wouldn’t say Drongo is a high level player. Better than average for sure.

I’m really picky about which YouTubers to watch so I have to ask, what kind of accent does Samurai Revolution have?

A big problem is that i see unique units e.g. jungle bowmen that i dont know how to counter , is there a cheat sheet?

Cavalry beats Skirmishers (includes archers) and Artillery
Skirmishers beat Heavy Infantry (musketeers, swordsman) and Dragoons (cavalry that fire projectiles)
Dragoons and Heavy Infantry beats Cavalry
Artillery wipes out all infantry

Jungle bowmen would be wreckt by cavalry then.

The only tricky part is memorized the Aztecs since they don’t have horses but they have units that act as cavalry and dragoons for all intents and purposes:

Eagle Runner = Dragoons
Coyote Runner = Cavalry

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counter follows a triangle similar to what was stated above
there are special types of artillery though, culvs are anti-artillery and bad against infantry and mortars can’t attack units

there are a slew of unique units, some of which break these general rules as they’re kind of hybrid units, but TLDR

By far drongo is the best, with the best guides and analysis. If you are new to aoe III thats who i’d recommend.

This video talks a little bit about how to counter unique units.

Just like in the Aoe II archers get rekt by hand cav (hussar/Cuirasseir, Axe Rider or shock inf like coyote runners/chimu runners).


Another uprising youtube content creator for AoE 3 DE is Widgie:

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