Hi Age of Empires, I have tried for at least two years to find the official- or customs campaign where you play on a real Indian map, I have the picture of the exact map, please help.!AhxmxD3pUkQF601two5un1mV7dRN?e=voP3Xk

@SlagterJimmy If you do a google search of the image, this url comes up

I hope that helps.

In Random Maps, select custom maps then select India.
You can read more about the map here:

You can paste screenshots directly in the forum to become an embedded image, not sure if you know.

Is better for us you do that than ask to click weird link

I have played a mission on exactly that type of map, where I start in south India, with an elephant archer, a monk, a few villagers and warriors. In the beginning I grab a relic just before an opponent north of me, and I conquer Sri Lanka by converting their elephant hero. I cannot find that mission, but it is a customs or official one, I hope that someone can help me identify it.

Anyway someone had created a mission to be played on that map, and I ask for the name of it.

This one maybe?..