"AOE 3 Complete" Zoomed in way too much to play on 34" Screen?

Hello guys,

I have a surface laptop 3 13inch and an ACER 34" 3440*1440 monitor hooked up to it.
I installed AOE 3 Complete package game - however the game is way too much zoomed in to play.

I already changed the compatibility mode in properties to WIndows 7 and Windows 8 - no luck
Even on laptop screen - still zoomed in
game settings > i chose zoom level to “very far”

Any help will be appreciated


I assume you also used the mouse scrollwheel to zoom all the way out?
I’m on 2560x1440 myself and can play just fine.

Yes mouse scroll doesn’t work either. Its the same on laptop screen and 34” acer. AOE 2 works fine, both HD and Definitive versions.

Just not getting what am i missing here. May be a reinstall ?

Have you played AoE3 before? Just genuinely curious because AoE3 has always had a camera that is way too zoomed in, even at its farthest zoom, imo. There’s a chance that what you’re seeing is just how it is for AoE3.

I was never able to get used to AoE3’s camera or appreciate it. I can imagine it might be similar in your case. A camera that was programmed to be too close is a camera that is probably always going to feel too close.

For me, it makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, for lack of better word; as if my face is much closer to the screen than it actually is. Similar to how I feel when playing a FPS game where the POV setting is set too low and I can’t increase it (e.g., Fallout 4 for PC).

Adding to the problem is AoE3’s more top-down camera, too. You get less of a view of the terrain and buildings than the AoE2 type camera which has more of an angled perspective view.

If you are experiencing more a technical issue than a game design decision, I hope it gets fixed. Good luck!

The maps are so small in AoE3 that if you ever get to zoom out more and you get 34"+ screen real estate viewage, you might end up seeing nearly the entire map, lol!

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I can be wrong, but as far as I know, the extreme zoom-outs are only available through custom map creation and through recorded games.

As you figured, one can zoom out further through Settings, to ’very far’.

you need to share pictures with us

I did play it before, used to spend hours on this game.
As an example: on my 34inch screen all i see when game begins is the few villagers.
I will try and grab a screenshot if possible, may be you guys can confirm if that’s normal.

I purchased it yesterday - if that’s the case i would check if i can r eturn that for age of mythology

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That looks like the intended max zoom, everyone plays like that.

I can see much more than villagers on your screenshot.

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There’s a Zoom fix for SP only if you edit the relevant text file. You can find it in the Steam forums of AOE3.

If that’s the screenshot showing the zoom issue, I’m afraid that looks just like I remember and you probably won’t be able to zoom out any more :-/ At least not with the settings/options that come with the game. Szaladon mentions a possible solution, though; which I haven’t personally tried.

Agreed. It’s the famous AoE3 zoom I know and love :wink:

Eagelfox, developers are working on an AoE3 Definitive Edition. Maybe that version will have better zoom-out abilities? One can only hope, as AoE2:DE got a farther zoom-out, but only time will tell…

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