AOE 3 DE confirmed for 2020? (AOE 4?)

Klobrille is generally well informed. He claims that the 3 DE will be released in 2020 (and maybe the 4). So I think the 3 DE will be announced at the X019 and maybe the 4.

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No he’s not well informed, everyone’s known this information for a year lol


Hi @AB08600, I’m glad you are excited about Age of Empires III DE and Age of Empires IV. :smiley: We have known since Gamescom 2019 that there will be some info about Age of Empires III DE and Age of Empires IV released at X019. Another year for the release of Age of Empires III DE seems about right, especially considering the work is being done exclusively by Tantalus, so this isn’t a huge surprise.


Definately, maybe they are still stuck with the possible new versions of AoE 3. They shouldn’t have released the teaser AoE IV years ago without its date of release.

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Yes, but in fact I wanted to talk about the release date in 2020. (I misspoke)
I edit the title