Aoe 3: de lagging issue needs help

I was playing aoe 3: de with 7 AIs. During late-game when every player’s population was high, the game was laggy, even at lowest graphic settings. I guess the game was CPU throttled due to too high population in the game? However, my CPU is i7-11700F, which I do not expect to struggle with such an “old” game. Is my CPU not good enough for this game or my CPU is broken?

I wouldn’t consider the game old , but the engine itself.
The thing is, AOE runs of a single core, therefore it absolutely can be normal, that the game starts lagging with 7 AI on 1600 pop

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So there is no issue with my CPU? I guess I need to buy a CPU with better single core capability in the future to play this game with multiple players?

Well, playing MP is no issue, usually even AI´s shouldnt be that much of an issue.
How much RAM do you have?

Any AI playing chinese ? Those mortar dudes break your computer with all the explosion effects.

With a 4.9 Ghz processor you should be alright, I don’t think there is something wrong with your CPU.

I have 16 G. I did not experience issues with 6 players (5 AIs), but with 8 players, the FPS was super low late game.

I was playing Chinese. That might explain. I will try another 8-player game without Chinese and see.

Have you tried to enable asset preloading ?

I tried a game with 7 AIs without Chinese, but still experienced lag when both teams reached scores of about 600000. Does it mean the game/engine will just lag when there are so many units no matter what CPU is used?

I tried with it turned on, but it did not help.

Most probably…
If they could, they would most probably take advantage of multi core CPUs. Would make the games run much smoother, if the game could use at least 2 cores.
Simply an engine limitation… I’m sure it would take a complete overhaul of it , to enable such thing. And that’s not cost effective at all :frowning:

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Are 3v3 playable without lagg ? (5 IA). Do you use any mods ? I will try a 4v4 myself today to see how it goes on my end.

I play in vanilla. With 6 players, I did not check the fps, but I did not experience any obvious lag. Thanks in advance! Please let me know how the game performs on your end.