Aoe 3 dont need a new dlc dev

aoe 3 needs fix all the bugs and more balances we donde ask for 5 new cards fro brits we need fix no dlc only devs whats one thing and is money no this time


I disagree, all these changes and new dlc is why I keep playing.


well i see you like a bug game and not a op game thats why aoe 2 is more better aoe 2 is more balanced and not many bug

Go to the aoe 2 forums then.


no because i wanna see this game in a good shape that why i dont wanna leave becase i still have hope this game will be big some day if dev do a good job with the patchs and balances i love this game but i dont wanna see it so bad with so many bugs

Tottaly agree, we need a better online UI, stop crashing and to balanced the new civs before adding more. They can add maps and customizations, that dont need that amount of fixes.


I want new things and I’m sure there are others who want the same. New content only gives me a reason to stick around. That doesn’t mean we don’t want any bug fixes or anything.

Guess we’re at an impasse?

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaha o que mais tem la e os jogadores pedindo nerfs e buffs

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DLCs are what finances future changes and balance updates, and they are what keep people coming back to this game for more.

DLCs are usually developed by a separate team within the game studio that has little to do with the other teams. The only thing that might overlap is balancing. Otherwise, DLC doesn’t really get in the way of bug-fixing and UI updates.


i know dlc is good for the game in thems of money but i dont see what they are doing with the money of dlcs because i dont see any fix

es que el problema es… que cuando arreglan algo rompen otra cosa, yo tengo la fe de que todos estos problemas quedaran resueltos, y mientras puedan poner unas 2 o 3 campañas históricas yo feliz


The DLCs and events exist for Microsoft executives to see that AOE 3 DE makes a profit, if the developers stop making DLC or Events the executives would stop funding the game due to lack of profit.

Note: I don’t think I have to explain what would happen to the game if Maicrosoft abandons it again, right?

Los DLC y los eventos existen para que los ejecutivos de Microsoft vean que AOE 3 DE genera ganancias, si los desarrolladores dejan de hacer DLC o eventos, los ejecutivos dejarĂ­an de financiar el juego debido a la falta de ganancias.

Nota: No creo que tenga que explicar qué pasaría con el juego si Maicrosoft lo vuelve a abandonar, ¿no?


If the game now has a huge competitive scene that generates income by tournaments and events then maybe yes, BUT

  • in that case there will be a much bigger team and even more new contents
  • and that is obviously not the case right now
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Balance wouldn’t concern me nearly as much if there were more things to do in the game, particularly single-player. If we had more campaigns, large amounts of customizable settings and game modes for skirmish, and more non-competitive MP modes like co-op then uneven updates and such wouldn’t be much of an issue.

However whereas the meat of the game is hardcore 1v1 competitive battles of wits, balance needs to be considered. It isn’t about being an uptight stickler - it just isn’t fun to play against OP civs, or to win when you are playing as an OP civ.

Is the game hugely unbalanced though? We get ongoing support and in my opinion the game is the most balanced that it has ever been, the only annoying bug atm is the change to livestock markets that was unintended and will be fixed soon. Personally I have no other issues with the game like frame rate etc.


The game is not imbalanced. The balance is fine. Seriously the devs are doing a great job taking care of this game, and people just sit here and whine about everything.


Some people get too many nice things in life yet still find ways to complain about something. The game is fine, DLCs are the only thing that keep it around.


I want to explain how I think the perfect balance for AOE 3 DE would be and why I don’t think it’s a good idea to apply it

To balance all units they would all have to have exactly the same stats

To balance all civilizations none should have differences, starting resources, creation costs, abilities, etc.

Civilizations that stand out in something very specific, such as the English and the Germans, would have a slight improvement in those units

Longbow archer: it would be exactly the same in statistics as a crossbowman but with an extra point in the shooting distance

Musketeers: English musketeers would gain 10% extra health and damage

War Wagon: Same stats as a dragoon but with 15% extra health.

Doppelsoldner: Same stats as a rodelero but with 10% health and extra damage.

The decks would only be shipments of units, resources and buildings. (none infinite)

All Asian and indigenous civilizations would have to be reworked.

I don’t think I have to explain that if this valance method were applied the game would lose its identity and it would make it more boring for all the players who are looking for something different and fun.


tu lo dijiste amigo, las civs asimétricas del 3 le dan su identidad hacerlas mas similares al 2 las harían muy aburridas


Estoy completamente de acuerdo. :smile:

Creo que si los desarrolladores quisieran satisfacer al sector más conservador de AOE, ya existiría un modo de juego similar al AOE 1 y 2, un AOE 3.2 DE con un “Equilibrio Perfecto”

Creo que los que se quejan del equilibrio del juego son principalmente jugadores del competitivos y los jugadores mas conservadores de la saga de AOE.

PD: No todos los jugadores, solo una minorĂ­a muy ruidosa.

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