AoE 3: Gaming Pacing

Heya, I am not sure if the Insiders section of the forum is the best place to put this topic, but I actually recently thinking about how much change the definitive editions of the game should have.

I was watching BrownBear’s comments on Age of Empires 3 on youtube and I thought about whether this is something that we should take into consideration:

BrownBear gave his opinion on how stacking the production of units leading to major impacts on how well you can predict your enemy’s army composition as well as people being able to mass up game ending high tech units quickly. I think I do see his point that this kind of quality of life streamlining does kinda impact the meta, what do you guys all think?

Fast mass of units is not a problem, in my view. In all differents strategies, improvements to training times amd insta-training exploits simply negate this.
The more powerful units, cannons an cavalry, that could be dangerous when trained in large groups without an “warning” to the opponent are counteted by the same strategy of massing a large unit of counter in 10 seconds, so it kinda negates the effect.

Heh, i remeber when 50 hussars stormed out of nowhere in a 3v3 ranked to siege my only stable, so i trained 100 ruyters (light cav) in 2 seconds and owned the enemy army.