AOE 3 Home Cities [Single-Player to Multiplayer]

Well The AOE 3 multiplayer system is pretty annoying, I have played single player/Lan for a while so my home city is above 50+, and i discovered you can’t import your single-player home city to multiplayer which means i have to play alot to get a level 50 home city. Hopefully the AOE 3 DE will include this feature.

If there is a way can you guys tell me.


I second this.

Having hosted multiple aoe3 lan parties we always use modified homecities to unlock all the cards so that the game is fair to all. Imagine hosting a game of chess but only giving your opponent pawns and nothing else… kind of spoils the fun. More advanced players would have an unfair tech advantage combined with their better skills and less advanced players would feel disheartened from the start due to the unfair tech advantage and less developed skills. This would have to be my biggest annoyance with aoe3 over aoe1/aoe2/aom. Its not a friendly system to new players.

You could argue that advanced players could just make a new homecity to level the playing field but then you take away a really fun deck building system. The deck building system is actually really good. I’m not suggesting to remove it at all. Devising pregame strategies by building a desk is interesting, but only if everyone has the same fair advantage. If there was some way to choose unranked games where all the cards were unlocked by default that would be amazing. Or go one step further and remove level based card unlocking entirely and keep the leveling system to unlock those homecity visual changes only.

Part of me thinks this is actually what held aoe3 back from becoming more popular. Then some genius went full throttle on leveling with aoeo, and we all know how that turned out… No one I know would want to willingly play an unfair game of chess, nor an unfair game of aoe. The leveling system just never made sense to me for this type of strategy game.

The definitive edition is the perfect opportunity to tweak the deck building system and get it right this time :slight_smile:

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They have to take this homecity level up OUT of the game completely, or make them all max level by default. Grind to win has no place in an RTS.


I would be pleasantly surprised if anyone working on this would dare to be bold enough to remove it entirely. Leveling does provide a nice way to stroke the egos of those who care about flaunting status which is why id suggest a middle ground of keeping the system but only as a means to unlock visual changes to the homecity. Leveling should never have been introduced to affect gameplay.


Leveling should never have been introduced to affect gameplay.

Yep, that was a big mistake Ensemble made, they now have the chance to fix this or most players are gonna snub AoE3 again.


Why am i having coh2 flashbacks? oh right, you had to buy the good commanders in the game store to actually have useful buffs. Relic everyone, the developer studio of aoe4!
That’ the kind of cancer that kill rts.

Currently the minimum level is set to 10 in the Online settings. How about changing it to 25? Or 40? Or 80? Or 120?
Or the issue is as you say, cards are unlockable from In-game Exp.
In that way, I support a ‘short-cut’ to lvl 50, like pay 1$. Call it ‘VIP Access’.
Done. ?
You cant build every deck at lvl 50, but you can create every deck at lvl 50, because you can create multiple new Home Cities at a Minimum level similar to your current/highest, I think.

You are suggesting that people pay for higher level?
Get out of here. Now.


DEvs said there would be no microtransactions for any Age game ever and that’s good. And who would pay when you can just grind with your friends or use a level up mod? (and that’s why it’s really a downside for new players: they might not be aware of these solutions or not have a friend playing the game to help them)


I would have to agree with that.

Alternatively, every player can hold a minimum of 3 Home Cities starting at lvl 50. (It could pop up as a question on home city creation; ”Do you wish this city to be amongst your 3 created at the raised lvl 50 ?”

Its complicated…
I’d like to feel I earned the cards, but I dont want skilled newcomers to be unable to play amongst skilled players due to the lack of unlocked cards.

And I find there is something enjoyable about playing amongst others with low-level Home-cities.

Or Otherwise, just dropping ideas now:
Perhaps 6 Tiers of play could be available, 0, 10, 25, 40, 80, 150.
When creating a Home city you pick the level, it can gain exp up to 1 level below the next tier.

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I like that idea better, sometimes I prefer to play at lower tiers anyways, and it could offer a way for countries that are not considered high tier in higher level home cities to get the spotlight if they have decent easy to get early cards. Probably do not need that many tiers though, maybe 3-4 would be good. And have 2 lower tiers that max out before unlocking the lower sets of cards(as in the really good ones at the bottom).

If I remember right, when this game came out you could easily find people with the same rank and same HC tier as you, so it wasn’t really much of an issue. It’s only become an issue now that people are jumping into an older player base. I personally like having things to unlock, and it’s a pretty short grind to me. Plus you can play PvE online to level up your cities if it really bothers you.

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