AoE 3 multiplayer CD ID used

Hey friends.

Me and a mate would like to play multiplayer. I have an AoE 3 disk. The problem is the key ID was used to make an online account years ago, so I can’t get a new one.
I typed in the keyID and CD product key and got it’s username.
I can’t reset it’s password without the email. Which I don’t have.
So my question for you, are there any not-dead places I can do to? Where do I go from here?

Added info: The support for AoE 3 has been merged into general Microsoft support. I tried talking to them and they are pretty clueless on the topic.

Yeah the support is dead. If you don’t have acess to your email, the best you can do to play the game is buy it again in Steam.

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Thank you for the clarity.

I probably wont buy the game until there is a Steam sale. I know this is an age of empires forum but $60 for a game that is 15 yrs old?? BRAH…

I feel you…
Why don’t you try playing MP hamachi with your friend?
You don’t need to have an ESO account logged to do that, and since you have the CD copy, it’s perfectly possible.
You will only be able to play 1v1 with him or coop vs bots, or normal gameaswith other people in the hamachi network too - I can give more info in private, if you want.

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