AOE 3 no sounds

Game Version:

asian dynasties aoe3

  • Build ((####))
    current december 2019


No sounds
Playing AOE 3 Asian Dynasties. I have no sounds when playing online. I don’t know when attacked, when units are created, when home deliveries are available etc. Sometimes I have some sounds, usually early in first game then sometimes silence.
Windows 10. AOE is only program sounds don’t work

Reproduction Steps:

  1. ((List the steps we can take to reproduce the bug ourselves…)) a game online

Yeah its called game sound bug it happens when you excessively alt-tab or play the game for long time ,you get this bug ,sometimes you hear partial sound of units thats also another bug and also when you alt-tab and re-enter the game the sound goes to max volume by default another bug its annoying tbh i hope they fix in aoe3 DE.