Aoe 3 rated games unfair?

Hello i am and old player from AOE3 since i was 15 years old, right now i am 30, the problem with the new edition is that on ranked games when you lost for erros with the game it discount you rank, for example my game got crashed and i lost 50 places. Also sometimes it just let me play with noobs, and i f i won i only up 10-20 places maximum, but when i lost with pro players i lost 20 or more placen iven when they are elo 400 or less, i am 1000 right now.

also the not ranked games should be asociated with ranked, for example i have 500 games on rated, but my acc looks with not games for not ranked, so sometimes i got kick by be “noob”, so maybe the number of games should be on both.

An “all games” and “overall win rate” could be nice stats to have at the bottom of the tab. It would need to count causal games (maybe skipping games with more than 2 teams and games including AI). It could be nice for informational purposes given that some people don’t play ranked despite being fairly good.