AOE 3 World Conquest League

Have you ever wanted a world conquest mode in Age of Empires 3? Well now we at the Age of Sunbros server will be hosting an event whereby 22 different players, each representing 1 civilization will compete in a real world map conquering from territory to territory trying to establish their empire.

How exactly will a multiplayer world conquest like this work?

At the start of the season each player will start on a map representing their civilization’s origin. From there a draft will start. Each player will look at the world map and select the preference of maps in order which they want them. As soon as all of these preferences are submitted we will host a draft randomly determining who gets to choose first, and over two rounds the map will be filled up. Further details will be provided in the discord.

Once the map is fully drafted the season begins. Each week each player will choose one map to attack and try to conquer. If the attacker wins, then they take the territory and remove their opponents flag from the territory on the world map, replacing it with their own. Defenders will be playing to keep their territory in their empire while also attacking others.

After 8 weeks, the players with the most points in the standings will go to a playoffs where both sides choose one of their opponents territories to attack. During the playoffs each player will choose three of their maps that they conquered over the course of the season to show to their opponent, and their opponent will draft one of the maps from among them, with a final tiebreaker map being chosen by the tournament organizers as the perfect halfway point between their two empires.

The finals will be a best out of 5 and the winner will get bragging rights and own the largest empire in history.

If this sounds like something of interest to you please join the discord below and check the #world-domination-club! channel under ‘Miscellaneous Chat’ to see which civilizations are available. Then link your steam or discord profile so that tournament organizers and competitors can contact you regarding scrims and matches.

We hope you all have fun.