AOE 4 Beta Profile Issue

I have signed up the AOE 4 Insider account to obtain the BETA. However, everytime I go to my profile it shows this as a red “X” and even if I change it to a green check mark and press update and revisit my profile it reverts back to the red X. Anyone know why this is and I hope this does not hinder my ability to be contacted for a BETA opportunity. Any help would be great! Thanks

i also had a similar problem in the beginning, i think it is a server problem, i could not updated the changes to my profile. The only thing I can recommend is to keep trying at different times of the day to change the option

Awesome thanks, I’ve been trying to make it a check mark for the last week. I would really like a chance to try out AOE 4 and have the chance to give my feedback too.

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You need to verify your email address and it should work

My email has been verified from day 1, but the issue still persisted. It’s resolved itself now after a week of trying.

Yeah, i was verified too, but i couldn’t change my options. it’s a server problem. We can only wait and try again

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