AOE 4 doesn't need to surpass or kill older games

Please try to understand AOE 4 is AOE4, it’s own unique thing and it’s own take on the franchise.
AOE4 doesn’t have any obligation nor is made to kill off other AOE games or other RTS games. AOE4 is for AOE4 players. Thus it doesn’t need to have every mechanic from previous games or it has to be AOE 2 set in 3D to be successful.

Every human enjoys different thing and AOE 4 will have it’s own community, already after beta the game has received so many positive feedback and whoever played the beta was negative at first, but left with a smile in the end and so many people after playing 2 weeks loved majority of aspects of it aside from bugs and lack of information in UI.

AOE 4 is just an addition to the brand AOE, so treat it like that. Stop it’s comparison with AEO 2 or how it can’t stand in the glory of AOE 2 or it needs to kill AOE 2 so that people from AOE 2 will start playing AOE 4.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes so giving more option to more people based on their preference and playstyle is always a good move.

At the end AOE 4 is bringing it’s own take of the franchise, it doesn’t need kill or surpass existing AOE games, it doesn’t matter, as it’s its’ own thing, and it can’t be compared aside from being an RTS game.

AOE 4 is AOE 4 and AOE4 = RTS but AOE =/= AOE 2, AOE3, AOE1 and it doesn’t need to be.


Yes yes yes yes yes and yes!!!

This is what I’ve been saying, AoE IV will be its own thing, it doesn’t need nor have to “kill” any other games… It won’t.

I don’t understand why people within the AoE Community are trying to spark competition from inside it, doesn’t make much sense to me.

I don’t want AoE IV to be like AoE II or III… I ALREADY HAVE THOSE GAMES, I want something fresh and new that remains at core an AoE Game.


yes and that is exactly what AOE 4 is, core is AOE 4 but offers a different fun.

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It’s not what people think. It’s what they’re trying to advertise…
They keep telling people the game will play very similar to AOE2, AOE2 players would find the game very familiar, etc.
With all those being said, it’s inevitable that “people” tend to do the comparison.

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Of course the existence of AoE4 doesn’t remove AoE1-3 form existence but there is competition.
While AoE2 and AoE3 can healthy live next to each other because of the differences in gameplay and setting, AoE1 is completely overshadowed by AoE2.
You can argue that AoE2 killed AoE1 and AoE1DE never had a chance against AoE2HD and was completely overshadowed by AoE2DE.

AoE4 is remarkably similar to AoE2, but will it kill AoE2? Certainly not.
AoE2HD still has a large playerbase despite AoE2DE being released nearly 2 years ago.
It might mean that AoE2DE wont get any new DLCs anymore and only balance patches and bug fixes. But how knows.
AoE2 has been popular for over 20 years and that’s not going to change any time soon.
If AoE4 would fail I can’t see them add new content to AoE2 forever. At some point you can’t just make new civilisations anymore.

AoE3DE might also lose some players to AoE4 but also AoE4 introduces more people to the franchise and might bring AoE3DE more players in the end. AoE4 and AoE3 are very different games.

It will takes a lot of players from those games, at least at the start.

But many will back to those games or maybe even bring more new rts players in.

Aoe2 and AOM still have large players base after 20 years for how unique they are, which aoe4 can’t replace.

AOE 4 doesn’t need to, as it’s not competing between AOE franchise, I think you didn’t understand why this post was made.

AoE IV is another game, on that I agree, but the success of the franchise will be measured in whether it will be an e-sport game and if the player base will be larger than AoE II, because it is a new game. That’s my point of view.

Thats not AoE2’s fault though.

Just look at the different state those games came, AoE1:DE was pretty much AoE1 Reskinned with a few QoL features, they REFUSED to refresh it with new mechanics, update the engine, etc… THERE ISN’T IT EVEN FORMATIONS FFS!!!

Its the Devs fault and their fault alone that AoE1:DE was killed, AoE2 has nothing to do with it. I would play it Ranked myself (as I do with AoE2 and 3 Online) if the game didn’t feel so archaic, even the DE.

Also, both AoE2 & 3 got new content, Civs, Campaigns (Historical Battles in the case of AoE3), but AoE1 didn’t get anything new.

I love AoE1:DE, but after finishing the Campaigns I never touched that game again, and is mostly the devs’ fault for not giving it the same attention as with 2/3.

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Then they should rework all mechanics(like hotkeys, autoqueue and a lot more) for aoe1 DE. Coping civs from aoe1 into aoe2 is easier.
I understand why they did not do it.
Mod should be possible, copying aoe1 models into aoe2… if someone love aoe1 too much :slight_smile:

PS hope aoe4 will surpass aoe2 in tourneys, it would mean that the game is great (at least for me). if not - what’s the purpose of aoe4? campaigns? (

They decided that AoE1 isn’t worth investing a lot of development time in and just moved on to AoE2.

I love AoE1 myself and it’s sad to see in what state it is.

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I agree 100%.

Disappointing truth, AoE1 has such great potential… so much history to explore :frowning: