AOE 4 Gore Mode Please

I’d like to see a Gore Mode option, so that there can be more blood. The sound effects are great and realistic sounding, but without any blood or body carcass disintegration with fallen soldiers it is not realistic enough. Blood would would do two things 1)Show which direction the enemy is attacking from 2)Make the action meet the great sound design. Seeing the fallen carnage of the battlefield was awesome in AOE 2 but lacking in AOE 4.


I would love to see bodies and blood remain on the battlefield after a huge fight. At least for a certain amount of time. It would also make the game more fun to watch because spectators could see the carnage of past battles.

Many people feel the game looks a bit too “cartoony” and I think this would be a game changing addition.


I have to agree with u. i would actually take it a step further and add amputation effects, guts falling out of bodies and LOTS OF BLOOD. if that sounds sick and disturbing thats because it is thats the reality of war and it should be implimented into the game… however i believe that would set the rating of the game from T to M


Stimme hier zu, Blut und Leichen machen das Spiel “Düsterer”. Aber vorher sollten die Bodentexturen nachgearbeitet werden. Ich finde die sind zu “Unscharf” Gerade die Übergänge zu den Wegen oder zum Waldboden. Wegen des Blutes und so weiter, ich glaube nicht das man das nachträglich einfügen kann, da sich damit auch die Alter Freigabe des Spieles ändern muss.


Hello, I totally agree on this feature. This would be something that would please those who like it. I am one of them.


I think with the game being advanced for the newer systems this would certainly be a welcome feature, they’ve spent so much time building the sim system but it seems like they could have built so much more into the game play such as this. even if it is toggleable from the settings.

Just my 2 cents worth


Yes please, that would be really cool


I agree. Some sort of blood and body decomposition laying around would be cool and add to the game. Though if the devs are concerned with the games ESRB rating, that might be a reason as to the lack of gore.
I loved seeing the skeletons on the battlefield in Age of Kings and miss seeing it here.


If could be like AOE2 it’s sufficient.


Good evening. I also agree, whether we have the possibility via the graphical parameters to activate or not the blood.
Dismemberment would be cool, but it will also consume a lot of PC resources. But having blood and skeletons like in Age of King would be a great little addition.

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Dude that’d be sick! On top of being awesome, it’d have an added degree of realism as well!

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I could not say anything better than what has already been said.