AOE 4 ideas

Total War is another kind of game. If you add ammo you should add also sharpening of blades, wear and repair armor and weapons, stamina on units, weight that influence the speed, food consumption.

The game would become too complex and it may come out of its standard. Said this I really hope they do not take Tatal War series as example for AoE neither to implement ammo. This is my thought but I appreciate people suggesting more feautures - here and there we get few good idea.

total war is a different kind of gameplay. they have wear and tire on armor,moral etc. Its trying to be a more realistic approach. Age is entirely a different set up of game combat plays out faster, armor and damage works differently …■■■■ units just move faster.

Total war also puts more emphasis in the single battle…and leaves the rest to the overworld section of the game. you aren’t making units during the fight to refresh your army. It just doesn’t work like age.

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Stronghold have some hybrid features from city builders.

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Yeah I do not want AoE4 to be like Stronghold. But at the same time I do not get why I have to use (gold,wood,food) to recruit monks it would make more sense to use (wood,food,fiber) like for light troops to use (wood,food,leather). The thing i liked of Stronghold was the tar resource to build traps/wall defense and incendiary weapons. To be honest it will be fine with 4 resources - that was just an extra wish.

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No, not combat, necessarily, imo. Like it or not, some players prefer economy building and turtling. To turtle can sometimes involve just building walls, towers, castles and other such defenses to ward of enemy advances for a while; not combat units. The beauty of classic AoE is that you can play/strategize however you want, generally speaking.

To this end, I really hope there are no caps on the number of towers, castles, and walls you can build in AoE4; and no limitations on where you can place them. Caps/limitations like that was such a travesty in AoE3 (and Rise of Nations, as I recall, with the (ugh) sphere of influence thing). Essentially, forcing people to ‘not’ play defensively? I don’t like being forced by developers to play how they want me to play.

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Every AoE game has four resources, and I think that’s a magic number. It is a delicate balance to give the players enough different resources to worry about while not making things too complex. Maps need to spawn these resources, so there are limits to how many there are.


I’d like one or two more resources. Silver, marble, diamonds/gems, or something. I don’t know yet what it should be, but as I mentioned in a different thread, I’ve grown tired of having only the same 'ole four. I don’t want to change those, but I would like one or two additional resources to have to gather.

Not only is it very difficult to balance random maps with tons of resources (the more there are, the more likely it becomes and more acutely aware and it becomes when someone has good access to something that the other player doesnt have).

Similarly, it is very difficult to price out the requirements to build Buildings and train Units and research Techs with many different resource types flying around.


I’m not sure. I would like that too like in AoE2 but if you look the AoE4 trailer I doubt that you can build 3-4 rows of towers, I suppose towers are related to walls and I “fear” they are limited.

  • Silver is the same fam of Gold so we can consider them all as Ores
  • Marble is the same fam of rock so we can consider them all as Strones
  • Diamonds/gems are both Crystals so we might consider it as res name

As I suggested before, but I understand @AndyPXIII - it would be way more complex to play, but like fiber you can walk on and make all those things that require linen,wool, cotton and so on, like units/upgrades/researches. I would prefer Ores ratheer than “Gold” cuz you are no gonna make only golden armor/weapons and so on so the name ore to me looks better. Like for stones, wood and food there are many kind but categorized.

As I said I’m fine with 4 too, that was just a wish. About the map that would not be a problem:

  1. make bigger maps
  2. fix the respown time
  3. make the respown more randomized
  4. make units go through resources. Like crossing a forest or walkin over a rock, ore venis or a fiber flower.

Anyway that was just a wish and something to speculate and talk with :wink: but as we know AoE4 will have only 4 resources for now.

Buildings should use just Wood/Stone/Ore and maybe Crystals for advanced bulding like castle,chuch,university,wonder. So not necesserly you need all resources for everything like units you might have a resource for light armor (both research and recruit) called fiber or leatehr for medium armor - like ore for plate/mail weares. What about gathering tar to make incendiary thingy like wall defense/traps or incendiary weapons upgrades/siege upgrades/towers upgrades.

I’m also sure that’s not gonna happen and I’m not gonna cry on :slight_smile:. But sometimes I like to dream too :wink:

Knights and Merchants had almost all of what you said and works just like AOE but is a “smaller game” like having only one “civ” a 90’s game they had hunger, you had to make the armor, the weapons the recruit and the gold for the recruit, the coal for all 3 i am reducing it to just arrows or some better way to return fire even having units that could change between melee and ranged…maybe even archers needing fire arrows to destroy buildings and that need restock if not they are useless against buildings or restocking when destroying certain buildings like the archery center would be interesting focusing on some enemy buildings just for the loot haha

but oh well i hope they do something against normal archer kiting i don’t mind mounted archer because it really happened…

I don’t see the problem never liked that AOE felt like i was just playing Rock, Paper and Scissor(AOE2 and 3) or just spamming Some ultra powerful unit(AOE3) like the best strategy was just a numbers game strategy like ambushing, forcing chase, using the territory to your advantage…in the end sometimes more is more and sometimes less is more

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That could (probably would) be a bummer. Part of the fun of AoE2 is making the map your own. It starts off with you having nothing, and you build your empire however and wherever you want to. The creativity aspect is part of the fun and I don’t foresee enjoying AoE4 100% if our hands are tied with regard to this sort of thing.

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To be honest I can accept the idea to have the towers linked to the wall as long we can build one single piece and put the tower in every single spot of the map. Obviously there should not be limit on the number of pieces of towers/castles and building in general. So if I have to build a wall to add the tower piece I can accept it but I wanna be sure to be able to do it on one piece only, I would like to avoid to be forced to have 3-5pieces of wall to build just 1 tower that would be a big limit.

In 21 years of playing this franchise, I do not once recall any player arguing that the tower mechanics of Age games were broken and needed fixing. Unless a new feature provides an obvious improvement to gameplay, it shouldn’t be added. Changes should make AoE4 better. We don’t need change for the sake of change.

Maybe towers in walls actually do provide an obvious improvement to gameplay. If so, we should have them. But if not, we shouldn’t.

We need to test to evaluate if that’s a good feature that will improve the gameplay or not. I hope for the same freedom as 1-2 titles. Anyway I doubt that someone is arguing that the new towers are OP. Personally I always built the towers inside walls and I stacked them rather than having just a bunch. Let’s see what they are gonna develop :slight_smile:

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  • Be able to build pavements, roads and bridges
  • Animals don’t rot instantly from being killed by military units
  • Tactics such as the shield wall, the phalanx, the cavalry charge or the Cantabrian circle
  • Civilizations have different kind of crops, Mediterraneans have vineyards and East Asians have rice fields for example
  • A cycle of day and night with a meteorological system so there is rain, fog and snow, and the terrain is modified when it rains creating muddy areas or covered with snow when snowing, causing the units to move slower through those areas
  • Military units that carry banners
  • Civilizations have several wonders from each age that provide different benefits (similar to AoE3)
  • The corpses and skeletons last for a long time on the ground and follow a rotting process (like the original AoE2), blood splatters during combat and death

Maybe I am not familiar enough with medieval warfare, but these appear to be examples of ancient warfare centuries before our era, no?


I like these two!

I think the second one might be a bit ambitious, and it depends how long the cycles last, but the idea is great.

I don’t know whether AoE IV is having totally unique-looking civs or just groups of civs (like AoE II), but having unique crops/farms for each group (Western European, East Asian, etc.) would be very cool.

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Well, the shield wall is a defensive tactic that with more or less similarity was used by almost every culture from every time, it’s not exclusive to the Vikings (who are still a culture from the Middle Ages), the Cantabrian circle was used by the light calvary from Spain throughout the Middle Ages and the phalanx was used again by the Swiss pikemen in the 15th century (you can call it a “pike square” but in practice it’s a phalanx). If you change “phalanx” to “pike square” all the tactics I have listed are basically medieval or used during the Middle Ages.

Not exatly. You mean square formation, phalanx is different way.