Aoe 4 pre order

who from the devs is gonna man up and tell us why the dlc the african royals for aoe 3 is not in the pre order bonus for aoe 4 or u just gonna hide ur self like cowards ?

Fewer people care about AoE3, it makes sense why they included the AoE2 expansion

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Maybe because both are set in medieval era(not so logical) but aoe2 have more players compared to aoe3 and they just wanted to boost the preorder so free AOE 2 DLC will attract more people than aoe 3’s DLC.


AoE3DE DLC in the pre order is a good a idea. Since AOE4 has such a high price.

I think they also want to sell the Xbox game pass using it. With a high game price like this it’ll encourage more people to buy Game Pass. If they’ll give two DLCs free with AOE 4 Pre Order, It won’t be that economic for Game Pass, DLCs & AOE4’s price.

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Here we go with the unnecessary aggressivity again. Easy: they have already included AoE II DE DLC as a free bonus. AoE IV is an AoE II remake, so it makes some sense. They are not going to include two DLCs for different games for free because that would be “too much” to give.

Is AoE IV expensive? Yes. We would want to see how they include both DLCs as a pre-order bonus? Absolutely. Is it realistic to expect that from a huge company? Lol of course not.

And most important of all: do not blame devs, they are only making the game, not taking commercial decisions.


And also, tier AAA games, usually cost 60+ euros on their own, without any extra dlc etc. The bonus dlc is already a plus compare to other AAA games in my opinion.


lets say im new to the aoe franchise and im interested in aoe 4 so lets say i pre order aoe 4 what do i get as a pre order bonus ? compared to people that play aoe 2 what do i get as a guy who dont play aoe 2 ? how is that fair xD

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fairness is beside the point, and perhaps bundling assets from different games will encourage cross-selling to new players and grow the entire franchise. I dont find wading into the complex world of pricing models and market behavior to be a particular strength of players – we can only ever speak for ourselves.

but as a non-aoe2 player, I can certainly confirm that getting an AoE2 expansion does zero for me. I do not expect to ever have interest in new AoE2 civs, so getting some does not make me any more or less likely to pay more for AoE4.


It would have been honestly better if they plan to do DLCs anyway to give the first one for free to people preordering the game. Would also showcase that the devs have confidence enough to release at least one expansion after the game launches.

Right now it seems they’re riding on AOE2:DE’s popularity.

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Dude, chill. Like really.

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