AoE 4 - Relic style capture points? or classic AoE gameplay

Capture Points
It would be an interesting concept if the player bases were military camps with tents. While you would be able to capture prebuilt cities available on the map, and be able to upgrade them.

The cities can be of different culture, for example if you are playing as Mediterranean, and you capture a Mediterranean city you would get full features, while if you are of another culture you would get a handicap to its production.

This would allow for a more action oriented AoE game, and allow for better, and more historically accurate settlements.

no, classical AOE mode. See my new post, there is a screenshots about that

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Luckily a better version of AoE2.

I dont care if they add any game modes they want so long as the core game is AoE. We have 5 different AoE RTS canonical games already. We don’t need anyone to reinvent the wheel.

They tried that with Ancestors Legacy and didn’t really work that well. If it’s a separate game mode, fine, but otherwise I wouldn’t like the game to be based on this.