AOE 4 / update 15.11.2021 / crasching game after 15 min


i have problem after update 15.11.2021 game runs probaly 12 min (6 - times tested and the same ) and then crash to windows without error window.

Have you same issue? I have update nvdia drivers : 496.76 / windows 11 with all update.
I have look on google and nothing found…

CPU : i7 10875H
GPU : RTX 2080 Super
RAM : 32 GB

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Hi, I have the same problem. My game crash to windows after 10 min aprox.
Nvidia drivers 496.76, windows 10 updated

i7 6700K, gtx 1070 and 16gb of RAM.

I cant play any match, and i can’t find a solution.


Hey @badmessiah6802 and @Ronny3! Apologies you’re running into this issue. Please contact support here with your DxDiag and any Crash Logs. It’ll help the team get to the botttom of why you’re crashing.


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I have been having the same issue. It can be a multi-player or single player. It was crashing before the update but not as consistently after the update. I have contributed to the support channel as well.


i have send description with attachments dxdiag / crash log ( i have found 2 files ) to support.

Thanks for help

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I was thinking now…

I noticed that the stone texture does not appear after the update.
This probably means that the update did not download correctly.

Can i the integrity of files be checked somewhere? ( account xbox on PC)


The game have i reinstall and everything is ok

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