AoE & AoM mash-up

It’s probably been discussed before, but I have to speak it into reality:
We need a mash-up game of AoE and AoM!

Imagine fighting monsters and demigods with Musketeers and Falconets.
How would the brand new United States fare against an opening to Hades in the Midwest (if you’ve ever been to Indiana, you know what I’m talking about)?
Would a team of Valkyries led by Dwarven Knights be able to destroy a fortress surrounded by cannons and cavalry?
What if the combined forces of the Prussians, Austrians, Russians, and British didn’t fight Napoleon but an invasion of Minotaur and Manticores led by the Cyclopes instead?

The skirmish battles on maps from around the world to the darkest depths of the Underworld would be incredible to say the least.

Let’s petition for this game to come out next!

sounds like a very interesting scenario material

Sounds like an entire new game tbh

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Fingers crossed that this is a possibility!

The proposed scenario is very interesting, but a short-term solution to enjoy such a great idea would be the development of a mod, hopefully it will be considered

soo you mean fantasy+medieval nice i have also another suggestion medieval
+Fantasy etc=parallel worlds for example to have worlds and have war for domination-conquest of a fantasy realms,and if evil wins will invade earth and fight medieval etc empires,nations+your ideas