AoE buffs with romans, so

Looks like romans will have 2 UU.(Already in oficcial sites posted).
Legionaries, an infantry unit and Centurions a heavy horse that buff militia line that are nearby.

I like the concept, but the point is.

Could we see more Area of Effect buffs/nerf in unique techs or units?
May be a war drum guy, may be villagers close to Towns get +1+1?

Celts now have AoE heals in castles,Indostanis have Caravanserai, romans AoE milita buff in Centurions.

So lets see what happens and how it looks. I would not mind some team bonus or unique techs were changed to something like this. I mean, bad ones that need a change not good ones.

Have a good day and kind of hype for romans tbh, dont care for AoE1.


If I would be betting man I would guess that maximum buff from Centurion to militia line is +1 attack, +1 melee and pierce armor.

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I dont like area effects personally


Same, they’re at most tolerable on buildings (and locked behind techs if possible, like Stronghold is), but hero-type units that buff surrounding units starts feeling more Warcraft-y to me than AoE.


Having a leader unit support troops in combat makes a lot of sense.
Having a good command structure makes a massive difference in war.
So it makes sense that soldiers within shouting range of a Centurion perform better.
It’s not magic.


Yes… I really think is a missed feature that could had been implemented from the beginning, but here we are… +20 years finally we have a unique unit with some kind of “morale” buff.

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Im in this line of thought.
As long as is not magical stuff and make sense like a leader or boost morale or stuff like that.

Also i dont mean every civ have something like this, but i think some could have it.

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I guess that I should wait the release of the whole DLC before judging… but from what I see right now I don’t like the civ, it seems that they just gone down with a big trope of squared shields and centurions…

Like, I already don’t like the addition of romans to the gamw when we already have the byzantines, but if you have to do it, at least do it correctly…

Like, having units from the high empire doesn’t make sense in a medioeval game, at least take a roman empire post the crisis of the third century, at the time of Diocleziano and Costantino.

I hope to at least see a rework of byzantines and Italians, to make room to the roman civ…


do you have a link for this?

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Tbh the civ seems visually fairly accurate for 4th to 5th century Rome. But yeah the description seems very Classical Rome focused

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Magical stuff like throwing unlimited number of axes conjured up thin air?
That kind of stuff?


Unlimited supply of scimitar from the back of a camel.


We know camels can do magic tricks, plus they make a very nice noise (or terrible, according to preference).


Aura effect is kinda dumb. Hated it in aoe3 already. Don’t like the new stronghold tech effect aura either.

Aoe2 is a timeless classic BECAUSE it doesn’t have these kinds mechanics overcomplicsting stuff. It was a simple, yet elegant game.

Don’t make this into another aoe 3 ########### with all kinds of crazy bonuses

Well, we don’t have much information gives at the moment, just the names of the 2 UUs.

The effect of the centurion seems actually nice, so I don’t complain from a design pow, and if they’ll use the in-game models, they won’t seem too classical either probably…

Still, in the late empire, even before the split of the empire, there wasn’t even anymore legions, as after the crisis of the third century the legion system was too ineffective to defend the borders while also prone to betrayal and civil war.

They could have name the 2 units comitatenses and palatines, but I guess that they don’t sell as well…

Anyway, new civs is always nice, so I won’t complain too much.

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Steam shop.

lmao I like how they put minimum requirement so low. the actual recommended requirement SHOULD be the minimum requirement. nobody likes playing with laggers online so they should get that changed or decouple lags from UI

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